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Company Profile

FORWARD machinery Co.,LTD. is specialized in research and production of Air Preparations which available in the automatization system, along with relevant control component, executing component. As a enterprise of liquid industry, the driving force is our desirability always, we have the courage for challenge, devote to manufacture the products which make our customers satisfying and surprising, this is same to our attitude that pay more attention to quality, try for excelsior.
There have topping technology, topping production equipments and topping staff team in our company. In the intense competition of market, by right of our company’s unremitting endeavor for products and customers, with the excellent quality, most competitive price and good service, our company will supply a series of medium, top quality of Air Treatment device to customers, devote to the development.

Product Range

We,FORWARD, dedicated to high-end customers of machinery and equipment industy companies, with direct cooperation with clients in various industries, printing equipment, automotive equipment, injection molding machine, blow molding machine, packaging machine, textile machine and other areas, has accumulated rich experience in product and problem-solving skills, and strive to provide quality products and services to more customers.
European standard air source treatment unit, with 6 years experience in production, research and development and marketing, guarantee the stable quality, fast delivery and good service;
Modular combinations, a variety of derived models can be customized according to the needs of different customers.
Improve the basis of 4V series,improve the internal structure to enhance the performance.
Inner structure of body processed by Japanese equipment,surface roughness is 0,02um,frictional resistance is small,start air pressure is low,and the life span is over 3000 million.
Manufacturing process using German technology.
Internal using high performance lubricants DuPont.
The max.actuation frequency of up to 5 times/sec.
Using seals from Parker ,Japan and Korea,ensure the working ability of Air Cylinder and life span.
By virtue of years of accumulated experience in various industries customer,we can design and develop all types of non-standard cylinders according to different customers requirements.



Air cylinders product testing report

Air preparations product testing report